About the photographer

hi, i'm Michele!

i'm Michele!

As an adult I realized that my family NEVER had a family portrait taken. The only official family photos we have are from our traditional Christmas Day family photo assembly line. For as much as I complained about them at the time I am so happy to have them, especially now that my Dad is no longer with us. While I will always cherish those photos, I wish my parents would have invested in a quality portrait, one where someone isn’t inevitably looking at the wrong camera – since we had a minimum of 5 going off at any given moment. There is no substitute for a great image!

I have also loved taking pictures and looking at pictures for as long as I can remember. My parents had giant photo albums and I could sit and look at them forever. My dad was always taking pictures, and I loved anything he loved. It is great to have all of those memories documented.

I wish I realized long ago that I could have made photography a profession, but I only viewed it as a hobby. So, I went to college and majored in Marketing – a field I worked in for 15 years – before I decided to start over and follow my dream.

Some other random facts about me....

• I'm addicted to coffee, especially iced coffee and warm pumpkin spiced lattes.

• I cry easily – when I'm happy, when I'm sad, or when I'm just  watching a random commercial!

• I am a bit of a perfectionist, that or I just have a mile case of OCD.

• I love to travel.

• I love living in Chicago – so many great things to do, places to eat, and the people watching can't be beat.

• I love music of almost any kind, and I love to sing – unfortunately I was blessed with a voice only suitable for singing in the shower or in the car, alone…very alone!

• I love Chicago sports – Blackhawks, Bulls, Beas and White Sox (even the Cubs unless they are playing the White Sox!)

• I love reality TV – it is my guilty pleasure!

• I value honesty, loyalty, and great friends. I try to live by the golden rule ‘treat others how you want to be treated.’


The Studio

Michele Taylor Photography is a boutique photography studio specializing in maternity, newborn, children and family portraiture.
We are located in the West Lakeview/North Center neighborhood and are working on updating the images of our new space! We still have the same amenities available to our clients and can't wait to show them around our new space!

I have a variety of backdrops, blankets, wraps and hats to choose from. I also have several outfits for kiddos as well as a beautiful selection of maternity dresses.

My goal is to make sure you have everything you need so you are as comfortable as possible during your session.


  • Nespresso machine
  • Snacks & beverages
  • complimentary wifi
  • Netflix, Hulu, DISNEY & Prime
  • Toys, coloring books and crayons
  • Changing table, wipes & newborn diapers