Portrait investment

Pricing & Products

Your loved ones deserve to be seen.

Not just on your social media wall....but the actual walls of your home.

Our children are without a doubt the most photographed generation, but risk not having those images for future generations.  Let's fix that.

I'm here not only to create
beautiful art for your home,

But to make this entire process as easy as possible for you.

We truly believe that these are so much

more than just photographs

Let us take the stress out of planning and ordering! You will leave this experience feeling confident and taken care of, instead of getting stuck trying to figure everything out on your own.

Our process involves 4 simple steps:

1. Consultation + styling
2. Your photoshoot
3. Image reveal + ordering
4. Take home your works of art!

Step One:
your creative fee

Your creative fee includes:

• Your session date reserved on my calendar
• Personalized session planning
• A private image reveal & ordering appointment
• Product credit based on creative fee below:

$3500 creative fee includes $3500 product credit
$2500 creative fee includes $2400 product credit
$1800 creative fee includes $1600 product credit
$950 creative fee includes $650 product credit

Step Two:
Create Your Collection

Only pay for the images you love.

You'll come back to the studio a few days after your session for a private viewing & ordering appointment.

Choose from our collection options with built in savings, or create your own customized collection by adding your favorite pieces a la carte.

It's that simple - because we believe that you should only invest in what you truly treasure.

Pricing for your portrait experience consists of two parts: your creative fee and your portrait collection.

Portrait products for everyone

Because portraits are more than just pixels on a screen

see the ones you love

Proudly displayed every day

Celebrate your life's biggest moments with portrait art that you can enjoy today, tomorrow and for years to come. 

Wall art
image boxes
portrait gifts

starting at $525

starting at $1890

starting at $990

starting at $85

starting at $1200