Why Prints are Still So Important in Our Digital World

As a photographer who spends my days capturing the joyful chaos of children, the tender moments between parents and their little ones, and the quirky smiles that define our lives, I often get asked: “Can I just get the digitals?” Most people don’t even print their images these days let alone put them in albums. Let’s chat about why prints are still so important, even when our phones are bursting with photos.

I just recently lost my grandmother. After she passed we sat and went through her photo albums and others took pictures of her pictures and sent them in a big group text. It was like trip down memory lane and evoked such amazing memories. Those ridiculous outfits from the 70’s….um, who thought it was cute to put a little girl in plaid pants and a turtleneck? But that is part of the fun. The pictures of me and my cousins with lifejackets on that were so big we couldn’t sit up straight, the family holidays, the photos of those that are no longer with us.

Prints Make Memories Real

Sure, digital photos are convenient. You snap a pic, and there it is, floating around in the cloud or tucked away on your phone. But there’s something magical about holding a physical print in your hands. It transforms a fleeting moment into a lasting memory. When you see a printed photo, you’re not just looking at a screen; you’re holding a piece of your life, a tangible reminder of the smiles, the hugs, and those tiny toes that have since grown. It’s like a little piece of your heart, frozen in time.

Display Your Story

Let’s be honest, your phone’s photo gallery is great for scrolling through, but it’s not exactly inspiring. Prints, on the other hand, can turn your home into a gallery of your life’s most cherished moments. A photo wall, a framed family portrait, or even an album or scrapbook can make your space feel warm and full of love. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your story, one picture at a time, and let guests see the beautiful journey you’re on.

A Family Affair

There’s something incredibly special about gathering around the table with family and flipping through old photo albums (the reason that lead me to write this post!) Kids love hearing stories behind each picture, and it’s a great way to keep those memories alive. Digital photos can’t quite replicate the joy of a cozy evening spent reminiscing over prints. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to connect different generations, sharing laughs, memories, and perhaps a few embarrassing stories from when you were a kid!

The Touch and Feel of a Print

A digital image is great, but a print is an experience. The texture, the colors, the smell of the paper – it’s all part of the magic. Holding a print is like feeling the warmth of a hug from a loved one. It’s a sensory experience that a screen can’t replicate. And let’s be honest, sometimes we all need a break from the endless scroll and just want to immerse ourselves in something real and tangible.

stack of old photographs

Prints Make The Perfect Gift

Want to give a gift that’s truly special? Prints are the way to go. Whether it’s a framed photo for grandma’s birthday, a custom canvas for your living room, or a beautiful album for your anniversary, prints make for heartfelt, memorable gifts. They show thoughtfulness and love, and let’s face it, everyone loves a good print!

The Most Important Reason to Print

Digital files are temporary. Millions of memories are currently being stored on phones, servers, USB drives and on “the cloud”. Did you notice I didn’t mention CD’s which are already an outdated storage mechanism? Most new computers don’t even come with a CD or USB 2.0 drive anymore. What happens when technology fails or becomes outdated and you can no longer access those important memories. Do we want our children to be part of a lost generation? 

outdated digital storage devices

You might not want to print all the photos in your camera roll, but that’s okay! Select your favorite photos, the ones that really matter to you. The ones that were worthy of you taking the photo in the first place. The photos you never want to forget and want to be able to access and share with your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.

I have had clients call me in a panic that their computer crashed and they lost all of the images from their sessions. If you aren’t sure where to get them printed or don’t know where to start, please reach out and I would be more than happy to suggest how to get started and recommend some consumer labs that are closest to you.

So, what’s the takeaway?


So today I encourage you to make a plan for your photos. Whether it’s a professional portrait session or the hundreds of photos in your cell phone camera roll… make a plan to have them printed.

Don’t spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a professional photography experience to only see those photos when they pop up in your Facebook memories once a year. Don’t let the only joy you feel come from someone “liking” your photo on Instagram.

Social media posts are forgettable. Print is forever.

Put your most precious moments in albums and on your walls, so that you can enjoy them in your home every single day.

Ready to start your print journey? Let’s make some memories you can hold onto forever. Contact me, and let’s turn those digital moments into beautiful, lasting prints. Here’s to capturing the magic of life, one print at a time!

For more information on the importance of printing, visit https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/importance-of-printing-photos-in-digital-age/

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